Windows Password Unlocking & Resetting

We've all done it - set up a password on a website or set a pin number for a bank card - only to forget it at a later date. It's particularly common now that many of us have to set more than one password because one system insists that you need 8 characters in lower case, then another system will require 12 characters using a combination of lower of numbers and letters. Its frustrating because those systems prevent us from using one common password for everything.


The Windows Operating system is no different. Sometimes users simply forget their password - and then become locked out of their system. Then the panic begins - they worry that they'll never be able to access their data again, or they can't send that important email that they've rushed home to send.


Now there's no need to panic! Coventry PC Repairs provide a Windows Password removal and reset service. Even if the user has forgotten their password, our technician can use specialist tools to safely access any desktop PC or laptop system running any version of Microsoft Windows. The technician can then remove the password completely - or reset it to a new memorable password of the customers choice. 


Feel free to get in touch with us by telephone or email if you would like to book our Windows Password Removal and Reset service. Please click on the "Contact Us" tab above for our telephone number and email details. This service is priced at just £25

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