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Coventry PC Repairs specialise in all Virus, Malware, Spyware, Adware and Ransomware removal.

Sadly, viruses in particular are quite common - and even with virus protection, some can still slip through. There are thousands of types of viruses - with some doing very little other than causing an annoyance on your system - and others being very malicious and capturing sensitive data (including passwords) without your knowledge. Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are, sometimes our computers can still become infected. 


Here are just a few of the symptoms of computer viruses:


  • Sudden pop-up windows and/or adverts appearing on your screen
  • Being locked out of your own computer
  • System "hangs", unresponsiveness or severe delays between tasks 
  • Random errors messages or system crashes
  • Missing applications and/or data
  • Drivers and/or hardware no longer work - or working strangely
  • Outgoing messages sent from your emails, Facebook or Twitter without your knowledge

All of the above can be symptoms of viruses. You don't need to have all of the symptoms - quite often, just one of the symptoms can be an indication of a virus on your system.


In addition to viruses, modern computers are also at risk from Spyware, Adware, Malware and Ransomware.


Ransomware can take over your computer - locking you out of your system or encrypting your files so that you cannot access them. You will often see a window appear on your screen stating that you must pay a "ransom" fee to gain control of your encrypted files again. If the ransom fee is not paid, then the files will be lost. In reality, when you pay the fee, there is a chance that you will not regain control of those files anyway - but you will have given your credit card or debit cards details, which can then be used maliciously or fraudulently. Another example of common Ransomware is a very authentic looking window which claims to be your local police force suggesting that your computer has been locked for downloading illegal films or music that is protected under copyright law - and you must pay a "fine" to unlock your computer. However, despite how authentic it may look, it is fake. It is ransomware that has been cleverly produced to panic the user into thinking that they've done something wrong - and trick or "shame" them into paying and entering their credit or debit card details. NEVER fall for these scams and NEVER enter any payment details. Instead, get in touch with Coventry PC Repairs so that we can remove all traces of it from your system - and get your system running smoothly again.


Adware is the term given to software that displays advertisements on your computer. In most cases, the advertisements will be targetted towards products or websites that will appeal to you - for example, if you purchase a lot of books, you may find that the adverts will be mostly focused towards books. This is done intentionally to gain your interest - and then each time you click the advert, it may generate income for the producer of the Adware. This may not sound too risky - but these adverts can become quite aggressive and become frequent annoying pop-ups or they may capture marketing data about you. In the wrong hands, this data could then be used maliciously.


Spyware monitors and records activity on your computer. You may not be aware of it on your system because it often runs "silently" in the background - but it can be very malicious. It can record any passwords you enter on your system, it could steal confidential information such as passwords, email addresses or log-in details for websites and social media pages (such as Facebook). It could capture your online banking data or credit card details when you shop online. This data could then be used for identity theft, credit card cloning or misuse of your email or social media accounts without your knowledge. 


Malware is short for "Malicious Software" - similar to Spyware, it can be hostile software installed on your system that can capture data and information on your system which is then used maliciously without your knowledge. 


It is vital that any of the above are removed from your system - so if you suspect you may be infected, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Coventry PC Repairs. Our Virus / Malware / Ransomware removal service costs £40we can remove all traces of them for you and ensure that your system is working smoothly again. Free collect and return service available*.

*Please see our full price list for full details. 

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