System Health-Checks

Over time, desktop PC systems, laptops and netbook computers can lose performance. Your hard drive can become cluttered and fragmented, the Windows Operating System can become bloated, uninstalled programs can leave unwanted filed behins, hardware drivers can become outdated and cooling fans can become less efficient. There are so many aspects that can slow a system down, cause minor niggles or be the start of a potentially bigger problem longer term.


At Coventry PC Repairs, we offer a full system health-check service. We'll test all of your hardware to ensure that everything is working as it should be. We'll ensure all of your fans are running properly so that your computer is running at the perfect temperature. We'll then optimize your system using specialist software and years of experience to get your system running to its optimum capabilities - often restoring it to the speed it used to run when you first bought in - and in many cases, even better!


We'll also carry out some preventative maintenance to minimise the chances of problems occuring in the future - and also give all of the critical components of your system a thorough clean using compressed air and specialist cleaning equipment to remove any fluff and debris from fans and minimise any harmful static build-up. 

Before we hand the system back, we'll ensure that the Windows Operating System has all of the latest updates installed, all hardware drivers are correct and up-to-date - and we'll also check to see if there are any newer versions of software that you have installed too.

Our system health-check service is perfect for those that can't be without their computer system and want to stay one step ahead by minimizing any potential problems from occuring in the future - or those looking for a performance boost from their system to help get work done quicker. 


Feel free to get in touch with us by telephone or email to book a System Health-Check. Please click on the "Contact Us" tab above for our telephone number and email details. This service costs just £35 and will help restore lost performance. In addition, if you wish to purchase any hardware upgrades (available at extra cost if you wish us to supply them), we'll also fit those for you at the same time at no additional charge. A free collect and return service is also provided with this service within an 8 mile radius of Coventry city centre. Areas outside the 8 mile radius are subject to a £5 travel charge to help cover the additional fuel and time costs.

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