Replacement Laptop Keyboards

A Laptop computer keyboard  is usually the part of the system that is exposed for the longest period of time - so when spillages happen, it's usually the keyboard that is affected first. 


The majority of laptop keyboards that Coventry PC Repairs are asked to repair or replace have certain areas of the keyboard that will not work - or the keyboard is completely unresponsive  - both are problems associated with spillages. 

Laptop keyboards are also prone to having objects dropped on them, having sticking keys or they can repeat a character many times even though a key has only been touched lightly as normal. 


In some cases, the keyboard issue can be resolved without issue. Often, the keyboard can just require a thorough clean - or, in some cases, the ribbon that connects the keyboard to the Laptop's circuitry can become loose or disconnected. 


Feel free to get in touch with us by telephone or email, giving a brief description of your problem - and then we'll arrange a convenient time that suits you so that we can take a look at your troublesome system. Please click on the "Contact Us" tab above for our telephone number and email details. 


Prices for this service can vary depending on the extent of the problem and also whether the keyboard needs replacing. Replacement keyboards vary in price between make and model - so we would need to either take a look at your system or discuss your problem with you in greater detail before being able to quote.

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