Microsoft Windows Operating System Installations

There are many situations in which a computer user may want, or need, a Microsoft Windows Operating System installation.

It could be that they have bought a second hand laptop or desktop PC system - and wish to start afresh with a clean installation so that the system is quick, free of junk and clutter and be safe in the knowledge that their system won't have any software problems that the previous owner may have had.


Maybe the customer has an older version of the Windows Operating System, such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1 and wish to upgrade to the latest Windows 10 Operating System.


Perhaps they have Linux or another different operating installed - but wish to go back to using Microsoft Windows again.

Maybe they've had to have a new hard disc drive installed because their old hard disc drive had developed a fault that could not be repaired.


Whatever the reason, Coventry PC Repairs are more than happy to carry out Windows Operating System installations or upgrades. In addition to the operating system installation, our technician will make sure that the computer is installed with all of the latest Microsoft updates and hardware drivers - and he will also install any other software that the customer may request to be re-installed - such as Microsoft Office.


A fresh Windows Operating System installation will put your desktop PC or laptop back to it's original factory settings - resulting in a really quick system again. In most cases, our technician will even be able to have your system running quicker than it was originally - because most new systems come with lots of unnecessary, often unwanted, resource-draining software (nicknamed "bloatware"). Our technician only installs beneficial software - and purposely avoids any unneeded junk / bloatware that may harm or clog up your system. 


Feel free to get in touch with us by telephone or email to book a Windows Operating System Installation. Please click on the "Contact Us" tab above for our telephone number and email details. This service costs just £40. A free collect and return service is also provided with this service within an 8 mile radius of Coventry city centre. Areas outside the 8 mile radius are subject to a £5 travel charge to help cover the additional fuel and time costs.

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