Laptop Screens

Unfortunately, broken or cracked laptop and netbook screens are quite a common problem. Designed with portability in mind, laptop computers can be easily dropped as they're moved around, they can become cracked as they've been placed in amongst luggage during journeys or they can be accidentally damaged by children playing.


Some laptop screen problems aren't so obvious - for example, a system could display a blank display upon switching it on, it may display thin coloured lines running down the screen, or the picture may appear blurred. All of these can be a symptom of a failed, or failing, screen. 


Sometimes, the issue can be resolved quite easily without needing a replacement screen - but certainly in the case of cracked screens, a replacement will be needed.


Coventry PC Repairs offer a Laptop and Netbook replacement screen fitting service. We source original equipment manufacturer quality screens as a very competitive price - and then fit them into the laptop. We even collect the system from the customer - and return it upon completion of the work. 


Please feel free to get in touch, with the brand and model of your laptop or netbook to hand, so that we can give you a no obligation quote. If you're not sure whether your screen does need replacing, our technician will gladly carry out a few tests on it first just incase another issue is the problem - so that you don't spend money on a new screen that you may not need. 

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