Computer Hardware Repairs

Desktop PC computer systems, Laptop computers, Notebook computers and Netbook Computers all contain numerous complex pieces of hardware inside - such as power supply units, hard disc drives (which store all of your data such as music and photographs), the motherboard (which is the main board that all of the circuitry, chips and components are connected to), the processor (which is your computers "brain") memory chips, graphics cards, sound cards - to name just a few. 


Such is the nature of electronic components, any of them can fail at any time - sometimes unexpectedly with no symptoms prior to them failing. 

Some components can start to show symptoms early - for example, a fan often starts to become noisy before it stops working. RAM (memory) will often start to cause system slow down, cause random re-boots, or cause blue screen errors (nicknamed "Blue Screens Of Death" or BSODs). A failing hard drive may begin to warn of read/write errors, etc.


There are numerous causes of hardware problems - such as power surges, excessive heat caused by poor cooling inside the case, static build-up, manufacturing defects or simply wear and tear that has occured over time and long periods of usage. 

Coventry PC Repairs have sophisticated diagnostic tools that can identify any hardware faults or failures - and then upon diagnosis, our technician can repair or replace the troublesome part. Our technician carries stock of many common pieces of hardware that are prone to failure (such as cooling fans, power supply units and hard disc drives) - so once a diagnosis has been made, the part can be replaced quickly so that it minimises any downtime and inconvenience to the customer. Our technician also carries a vast range of tools with him, so if it's possible to repair a part rather than replacing it, the technician will carry out the repair at the customers home for further convenience. 


Feel free to get in touch with us by telephone or email, giving a brief description of your problem, along with the brand and the model of your system (don't worry too much if you're not sure) - and then we'll arrange a convenient time that suits you so that we can take a look at your troublesome system. Please click on the "Contact Us" tab above for our telephone number and email details. We offer a FREE* diagnostics service (*subject to you wishing for us to carry out the repair work - otherwise a small £15 charge will apply to cover labour time).

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