Data Transfer & Back-Up

There are times when data can be lost - and lost forever. All it takes is a hard drive failure, fire damage or the theft of a system for data to be lost - and if no back-ups have been made, it can be devastating. To many people, the data on their system is more important than their computer system - after all, a computer can be replaced, but those precious memories of a family wedding, son or daughters first birthday party or a loved one that has sadly passed away are irreplacable.


Many of us take things for granted. Many of us think "it will never happen to me" or "I'll do it tomorrow" - but tomorrow doesn't come. That back-up we intended to do "yesterday" still hasn't been done three months later. What if, during that three months time, the laptop had been dropped and the hard drive damaged? Chances are, the data stored on it may have been lost. 


How valuable is your data to you?


At Coventry PC Repairs, we offer a data transfer and back-up service. We'll gladly back-up customer data to an alternative source for them  - such as DVDs, USB flash drive or secure online storage methods. We can also clone entire hard drives so that should a hard drive become unusable, an identical drive can be installed allowing the user to carry on from where they left off with minimal downtime.


We can even offer a file restoration service. There are occasions when computer users accidentally delete files - and then panic when they can't find it. Using specialist software, we can often find and restore those deleted files - even months after they've been removed from a system (although the success rates are lower as time progresses due to the nature in which files are written to hard disc drives). 


Feel free to get in touch with us by telephone or email if you would like to book our data transfer service. Please click on the "Contact Us" tab above for our telephone number and email details. This service is priced at just £30 - and is ideal for anyone that is worried about the above issues happening to them - or if they've simply bought a new computer system and just want all of their data from their old system transferring to their new system. A free collect and return service is provided within an 8 mile radius of Coventry city centre. Areas outside the 8 mile radius are subject to a £5 travel charge.

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